Bushill Park Rotary Donate A Defibrillator At Enfield Town

Enfield now has another first. Dr. Govind Mohan, President of Rotary Club Bush Hill Park, is proud that  The Rotary Club has donated an Automatic Public Access Resuscitation Defibrillator that has been awarded Full Accreditation by the London Ambulance Service. This is located in the Market Place and joins the now World famous site of the first Automated Cash Dispensing Machine.


Along with this milestone, is an innovative approach in the training of  people in Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). Mohan believes that  this is a First ‘ the more people who know how to do it, the more lives will be saved'

 When asked, he said that ‘hands on effective CPR along with the availability of the Public Access Defibrillators will most definitely save lives, and this is of immense benefit to the people of Enfield.

Mohan runs regular free training sessions for people in CPR in the Market Place,


The Mayor, Councillor Christine Hamilton joined in on this important occasion along with the other dignitaries Including the District Governor  Mike Hodge and Vice President of RIBI Debbie Hodge and the Mayor enjoyed receiving CPR training from Dr Mohan, pictured above.


This is the first of a scheme which will hopefully ‘ roll out’ all over London to everybody’s benefit.


Councillor Christine Hamilton thanked Rotary for their generosity to the Community in supplying the Defibrillator and for continuing to support others in their Charitable work.