Over the past years we have invested with a numbers of projects through Lend with care projects, helping people in third world countries setup buisness.​

Some of the Social Events and projects undertaken by Bush Hill Park Rotary.

Emma dream is to become a Paralympian, She had started Wheelchair racing using a borrowed wheelchair which was not built for her and her disabilities and to progress needed a wheelchair specially built for her. Our club decided we would provide the same the cost being about £3500 by getting the other club in Enfield to also contribute plus obtaining  a grant from Wheelpower we achieved our goal .

See image at the top Emma with her new wheelchair.



Each year members of the Rotary Club accompany and fund a fun packed and exciting day out for children with special needs. Typically this involves a trip to Paradise Wildlife Park, seeing the wild animals and all the events give the youngsters a memorable experience..​




Each year, a number of Edmonton children, are nominated by their schools to receive these special awards for their determination and superior effort to overcome some personal challenge.​


Helping the youth of Enfield to devlop for the future.


A great fund raiser has been the human clown fruit machine, three of clowns from the club pictured above, by the way they normally dress as clowns at the meetings.

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Emma Alexander

On Going Projects:


Recently donated by all the rotary clubs in london, Helivan is being used to transport kit and equipment to educational talks and community events in London.